What is Dogecoin?


Clams! Dig Them!


Howdy Shibes! Learn about Clams. You already have some. I imported my doge wallet and it found 239.5 clams. about $300 bucks worth. I nearly sold it all for doge, but glad I did not. Hold. The “heavier” your wallet is the faster you generate more coin. http://clamclient.com/

Why the Dogecoin Gazette?

I sometimes try to practice what I preach.  I really do.  That said, when I was a teacher for a short time at a local charter school I’m pretty certain I learned more from the kids than they learned from me.  I hate to say it, but that’s the truth.  I know a few things did get through to them though.  I was teaching Journalism, Photography, Graphic arts and some webby stuff.  Journalism was the best class.  They got it, profoundly.  We have an awesome generation of bullshit detectors coming up. My lesson would be something along the line of putting 2 letter words up on the board, BE IS IF ME TO IT UP etc.  I would write a word and talk about it’s meaning.  We talked about if long words had more weight than maybe these 2 letter words.  I often got the kids in a heated discussion if successful.  Finally, I would rearrange these shallow disconnected words and blow the kids minds.  IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME.  End of lesson.

Long story short, the Dogecoin Gazette needed to be.  Dogecoin is ready to be used by everyone.  And when I write for DG I’m attempting to do it in a manor my 75 year old father will understand.  I remember when I first started in playing around in Bitcoin.  It seemed a bit off putting honestly.  A fraction of a Bitcoin was a lot of money back then.  Now, here we are one year along with Dogecoin.  A friendly, easy, spendable thing.  Once people catch on we’re definitely going to the MOON!  I posted earlier on this blog a Western Union meme where they wanted $5 to send $50 dollars!  Jokingly I added the money was to go to horse and feed.  This graphic showed up on the Cryptocurrency Collecters Club Facebook group shortly after.  It’s only a matter of time.

What’s in a name?  Why Gazette?

A Gazette is intended for casual, breezy reading, a journal if you will.  I will be cross posting on other blogs and I might be able to feature a few articles from elsewhere here as well.  I have a few ideas to keep this fun and interesting for the readers and myself.  One thing I’m thrilled about is the discovery of http://www.strips4singles.com/  What’s a Gazette without a comic now and again?  Of course, our transactions are in Dogecion.  Another awesome example of the new Digital Online Global Economy.


There will be more in the days to come!  And I expect much more to come from Doge.  Thank you all.  Every excellent Shibe I’ve met along the way!  Happy Birthday Dogecoin!

You’re the man now, DOGE!


I remember the first time I laid eyes on a Space Invaders arcade game. It was 1978 at the Oceanside Boys Club. I showed up that day to play pool. I was a regular in the pool tournaments, but when it came to giving up my place in line for Space Invaders, no way man! I was hooked in a world of 8 bit marvel and discovery in which I still enjoy at the ripe old age of 45. It was every 80’s kids dream to one day own an arcade so we can play all day! However, by the miracle of science, and microprocessors I carry all my favorite games from that era on my iPhone. It’s wicked. I still really enjoy Tempest and Millipede! Thankfully, today we can buy the game outright and play it free of charge and offline. But oh, I wish I had all my quarters back!

I think of back then, the golden age of the video arcade especially when I play Digital Trip. An awesome idea for a faucet I can get hooked on for hours! You are the Red Dot trying to find your way through a vortex of rocks with your left and right arrow collecting dogecoins! You get a shield if you’re lucky and there is a Cate mode where everything slows down and turns into vectors. Most important, you get to keep the dogecoins! The mind reels at how times have changed? The internet is a wealth of wow and opportunity one thousandth of a cent at t time. Instead of you paying to play, it’s the other way around now. Digital Trip is to date the most clever dogecoin faucet yet. It harkens back to those good old days when there were no final boss, but just a high score to go by. In this case, how many doge can you get before colliding into glowing red space boulders. http://dt.htdt.ru/?v=2

For those new to the crypto currency world, a faucet is a site that literally gives you free coin. What the site gets in return is ad revenue when you click on the captcha and solve the puzzle or type in the words shown. To clarify, the captcha is just a mechanism to prove you are human and not a bot. Or you can be like me, and think of it as a magical puzzle that is very difficult to get wrong, though I try.

I did some investigating and tried for a week to compile a nice and easy way to share all the new apps that are rapidly coming out, but literally in the time I started this article trying to wrap my brain around Doge Rain, a few more apps came out where you keep your winnings. I can’t keep up with the apps. My iPhone 4 is whack. Sorry for that, I tried. Upward and onward as they say! The best I can do is attempt to describe how a few minutes a day can add up to a few hundred doge. It really does adds up quick. Enough to actually buy things with in a short time.

I’ll start with the faucets I like to hit daily and why. These are mostly referral programs as well, so the more you share the more you can earn!

In the mornings when I roll out of bed, I’ll rub my eyes stagger over to my desk and fire up the computer. At this point I’ll wander aimlessly, but with purpose in search of the kitchen and eventually coffee. By the time I get back to the battlestations, Chrome is up and running. At this point I still can’t focus my eyes. Thankfully, I don’t have to. As I slowly wake up I can start my daily regiment of getting dogecoins. I can make out my start up page. All I have to do is click the Dogecoin and I’m earning coin first thing.

Dogecheckin http://dogecheckin.com/?r=317ed97b98 with a chance to win .15 doge for just rolling, or if your check in time matches the lucky time, you win up tp 2000 doge! It takes a second and once registered, it’s a one click thing. A good way to start.. no typing. No copy and paste your dogecoin address. Just click, sip coffee and see if you won more than .15 doge. This particular bookmark is first also because it resets every 5 minutes. I like to keep it open while working or watching Instasynch. After you collect 80 doge it pays out to your wallet. I’ve matched minutes and seconds a few times and then coin adds up fast I found. Amusing to play first thing regularly, especially if you win.

The next bookmark on my bar is http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=2b75cd31d649 Not so much a game as it just gives you Dogecoin. The longer you wait the more doge generates for your address. Again, once you give your dogecoin address, you don’t have to enter it again. You can play every hour if you like and the payout is once a week, every Sunday. Easily a couple hundred dogecoin a week with little effort.

And then there is BloqueChain http://doge.bloquechain.com I like this site becase the first time I tried it I got like 35 doge or something. Went into bookmarks immediately. It remembers your doge addy and it’s an simple captcha. Also playable every hour, the payments are daily. Easy peasy.

By this time I can see, words on the screen, as they begin to make sense, and my coffee is kicking in. It’s at this time, I begin to feel lucky. Which is cool, because the next two faucets are like rolling dice.


Myfreedoge http://myfreedoge.com/?r=5982 is next on the agenda. Along with FreeDogecoin, BOTH of them give you the chance to win about $200 dollars US in dogecoin every hour! Type in the captcha and roll a number and hope it lands high! If not, you get about 8.5 doge. Your rewards here go up and down according to the current price of dogecoin. http://freedoge.co.in/?r=29367 I’ve actually won the 4th prize of about 900 at the time. I was so excited!

I can honestly say at this point I might find something else to do depending on the morning, but some days I’ll continue on with the faucets. I have 8 more I’ll hit some days if I have the time and will. But never fear, I will only mention 4 more and leave you with a list. If you are enjoying this, you will love to find the list contains over 30 more awesome working dogecoin faucets. But don’t skip to the list yet! Wait! First I must tell you of the solids! The http://wow.bitcoinproject.net/ was one of the first faucets that came out for us shibes when doge was new! A nice payout of between 2 to 8 doge or so and payments directly into your wallet every hour or so. I loves them.

http://www.dogefaucet.com/ Also bears the distinciton of being one of the first and a solid source for poor shibes to grow our dogecoins. You can collect every 2 hours here. Every hour for http://wowsuchfaucet.com.ar/ This faucet is always a nice suprise. As in you never know how much doge you get until it shows up in your wallet. Might I add, it was a pleasant surprise. Such generous. Wow!


And finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome Cyan Rainbow. http://www.cyanrainbow.com/ A chance at 1-10 dogecoins. And if you like to play with some coinage, I deposited the other coins available on Cyan Rainbow directly into Cryptsy with their addy’s and had fun for a while converting those coins into dogecoins. It was a great exercise in learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

So, finally as promised here is the most excellent of lists! I’m guessing a couple hundred doge a day isn’t a horrible start to gather some doge! It’s fun and I have made thousands of doge this way. When we feel rich we donate back to one or a few of these faucets as thanks for an awesome great new use for internet. The future holds some grand surprises. Doge is not even 1 year old, yet there are already major movers like GoCoin. PayPal, reluctantly, have begun to accept it. In a nutshell, doge is and will be a major player when crypto really gets off and running! Keep in mind, there is a slight chance in hell Dogecoin might be worth .25 cents a coin if not a dollar. Be it a chance. Who knows? Perhaps these Dogecoins are like getting all my quarters back with interest. I’d like to think the Universe might work that way. Regardless, 1 Doge = 1 Doge, as we say.

Have fun with the games and collecting all the doge! Good luck and winnings! Share and Enjoy!
If you love this list. Please donate! I don’t know who runs it but the address is at the bottom of the page!

Special thanks to Ed Phillips for scrutinizing my grammar with a thorough scrute!

Dogecoin, Crypto Currency and the Looming Financial Bubble. Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Financial Collapse.


Journey with me now on a quest to untangle a birds nest of the past and present, in an effort to discern some sort of non-dystopian future for us all!

First, let me say I am no expert in any of these fields, crypto or blogging. In fact I am a television professional who spent a good portion of my quarter century career locked in a small box with no windows. No windows, sans the crap I was editing, and the INTERNETS! Oh, thank you internets. If it weren’t for the internets, I might have lost what you folks I think call them “social skills”.

That said, I am an observer. From social trends, to body language, I am a human sponge of just, stuff. One thing I can guarantee of these observations is, “Humans are Unquantifiable”. In advertising, millions, if not billions are spent on massive saturation of icons, logos, jingles, celebrities, cartoon characters,

sports stars and supermodels.   Manufacturing consent and a willingness to buy. Shopping is a feeling.It surrounds us. It tells us all we need to know, from the fiftly foot, jumbotron billboards to the TV and Radio ads, every second of the day, on the bus, in the elevator, down the hallways, on the backs of men and women,

names of people they never will meet, but they buy their clothes.

And then there is Kabosu. A Shiba Inu owned by a nice lady in Japan who she takes pictures of her pets and posts on her blog. What made this special? What made it a meme in the first place? You may ask, what is a meme? The long answer to the latter question is, A meme is an image by itself or with words describing complex concepts. An organic process on the internet. In advertising

it is forced out, tested, tweaked, rebranded, tested and tweaked again. It’s HARD WORK creating an image for a company or product. A good example of how television is going out and the internet is overtaking the old guard. It’s difficult and expensive. But for kids these days, making fun to watch TV is fun and free.

So when Dogecoin happened on the scene in December of 2013, naturally, organically a crypto currency was born. In REVERSE order than it would happen in the business of advertising. The logo represents the product, not the other way around. This brings me to Dogecoin. I recognized right away how this coin now represents we, the creatures of the internets. The makers of the dogecoin memes and movies now have pride in ownership, and a crypto coin added into the mix. For better or worse, the majority of dogecoin enthusiasts are young. They remember how to have fun with a thing. It too is a feeling.


For what ever reason, I feel it too. When a new piece of artwork comes out, or video, or 3D object, and to tip in this thing that you made in return!   In essence making money and giving it away.   It’s not a whole lot, but it feels great! And then, there are a few of us older kids are revisiting things like, programmable computers and basic all around geeking out with affordable ASIC miners.

I might be going out on a limb, but I suspect none of us care for market speculation. The mission is clear. We just mine, collect, share and spend Dogecoins.

While we’re mentioning speculation, I can’t help but look at crypto currency in a broader scale as it stands today. I see erie similarities between the nature of this crypto beast and what was known as the dot com bubble.   In any case, there is money to be had. The lesson I take away from the past, is that is is better to be

under valued than overvalued. The survivors of this bubble are Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, etc.. Each company, in uncharted waters in their own respective way survived. Crypto is sailing the high seas in stormy weather this time around longing for smooth sailing. There is much unseen to be had in the very

near future. Global politics are dancing. The US dollar is becoming undesirable as a petrodollar and world currency. Things are in flux. It’s been my observation that China has been technically savvy to Bitcoin in particular, purchasing the world supply for months now. Viewed here http://fiatleak.com/ One might not speculate the fiat currency bubble may burst as well, with the formation of BRICS to counter western dominated banking. I’m not a doom-sayer, but I can’t help think the people of the United States are in for a world of hurt if the a third of the globe stops buying oil with dollars.


Speaking for myself, I enjoy going to /r/dogecoin to see the excitement of a vibrant community! And then I’ll visit the Dogecoin Defense Force subreddit. There is fun, and love and humor this Dogecoin phenomenon has become I have not seen anywhere before. It’s become a habit, when I cash in bottles and

cans, I buy that much doge.. $5-10. And when I get paid I get stupid excited when the price goes down so my chump change can buy a 30-60,000 doge. It makes no sense to me, but I have a good feeling supporting the effort. It’s this writers opinion, that feeling is shared by thousands every day.

As the technology advances daily it seems. I can hardly keep up just to write this article. I dare not attempt a technical rapport. I wish there was some solid formula for the success of any new technology. It just seems that everything new becomes illegal, or the least taxable immediately, we have to keep a fast heel toe.   It’s a difficult task for those of us getting up there in age. It seems the kids just keep being and becoming more brilliant. It is my suspicion, becoming rich is not the foremost thing on their minds. A few of the lucky ones learn, giving is the true wealth.